Lessons from a Startup Dentist in Dover / Randolph NJ

Starting a dental practice, as you all know, is one of the most exciting things a dentist can do, and can also be one of the most grueling. We caught up with Dr. Chu of Dover NJ, Smile with CH Dental and got some thoughts on her experience in purchasing an existing practice location but not book of business. Here are some pieces of advice that have helped her to be successful: 1) Location (Randolph & Dover border)Dr. Hu, Randolph NJ While it's important to spend enough money to make your office look and feel nice, some folks in our industry opt to spend less on an office space so they can use their savings to renovate or buy more square footage. This is nice, if you're moving with a book of business and all you need to do is tell your patients where you moved to. But if you're getting started, it's very important to note that what you spend on location can help save on a lifetime of marketing. Focus on areas where there is a good deal of foot traffic, this would be around shopping centers or large stores. Or intersections near town monuments like schools or other important spots. 2) Advertising - Google You might not know where to advertise when getting started and that's ok. The key here is to figure out what kind of advertising will convert into a client. I personally prefer to get warm inbound calls or leads from people who are actively looking for a dentist. The only way I know how to do this is through internet marketing; Adwords (PPC) and / or SEO. SEO is getting your website to move up in Google so people can find it, as my marketing company says "in the heat of the search." 3) Word of mouth There's no denying that people talk. You want to give them the best experience possible. Shoot for something unique like a video arcade in the front for the kids and maybe a coffee bar for the adults. This will make them comfortable during the waiting time, which is important because it gives them an overall positive mental lift instead of an irritation if they have to wait. Such an easy fix but such a difficult thing to get started. The point is, just do something in this direction and get it going, you'll end up building on it. About C & H Dental: Yelp page for office in Dover / Randolph Smile with C & H Dental 140 NJ-10 West Ste 9 Randolph, NJ 07869 (973) 366-2101 smilewithchdental.com    Read More

Toothsome Choices: The Low Down on Invisalign vs Braces

No matter what age you are, getting braces can be a bit of an ordeal. There's the initial installation procedure, the months of waiting, and the often daunting costs associated with orthodontics. Of course, it's all worth it when your months of patience and strident gummy candy avoidance are over and you are rewarded with a newly perfect set of beautiful pearly whites. Still, getting your teeth straightened is enough of a hassle that no one really wants to go through it more than once, if they don’t have to. That's why it ultimately pays dividends to make the right choice when deciding what kind of teeth straightening technology to equip yourself with. In this article, we'll explore the respective pros and cons of the two best teeth straightening options on the market: Invisalign and Braces.

 Legacy Braces

Braces are the older and more tested method of straightening teeth. They're the classic wire and brackets that have graced the smiles of teens for decades. They involve gluing metal brackets directly to the teeth with a semi-permanent compound. A molded wire is then run through the brackets, pulling them into the desired shape. Invisalign is a method of dental correction that first started seeing use in the early 2000's by Align Technologies. Out of the mouth, it resembles a transparent tray that is formed to fit the unique shape of your teeth. The tray is made of a safe, BPA-free plastic, and is in fact shaped like a slightly corrected version of your smile that gradually adjusts the alignment of your teeth when worn. Invisalign users will go through a series of trays, each slightly more similar to the desired form, until they reach their goal.

 Dental Hygiene and Invisalign

new orthodontic invisaligh treatmentsIn terms of dental hygiene, both Invisalign and braces have positive and negative elements. Braces are difficult to clean around, and you may require special tools to thread floss under the wire and brackets. At the same time, studies have shown that the contact surface between the brackets and teeth are not likely to develop cavities, which means that using traditional braces may actually reduce your chances of tooth decay. Invisalign trays are easily removable, so dental care proceeds much like it usually does. The problem is that the tray that covers your top teeth also covers the roof of your mouth, which forms a pocket where bacteria may flourish. This can lead to bad breath and gum problems. In terms of initial installation, braces take longer and involve a more invasive procedure, as brackets have to be manually glued to all of the applicable teeth. The Invisalign procedure, on the other hand, is short and painless, involving little more than an impression being taken of your teeth. Finally, braces and Invisalign both have their merits when it comes to appearance. Invisalign is entirely impossible to see, as it is transparent. Braces may be bulkier, but also offer endless choices for customization in terms of band color. In the end, both methods of teeth straightening will help you achieve a perfect smile. It's up to you how you want to get it!   Check out this site for more info on Invisalign in Los Angeles - http://www.orthodontiststudiocity.com/services/invisalignRead More

Top Chicago Orthodontist on How to Expand Services and Increase Profits

As an orthodontist, it's difficult sometimes to decide which services you'll provide aside from the obvious. Many practices find it necessary to supplement their income by offering other related services and even some legacy braces to folks who don't have the budget for the latest clear braces technology. So what kinds of services can you offer to add an additional 10 per cent to 20 per cent to your bottom line?

Braces and Teeth Cleaning

top chicago orthodontist cleaning girls teethMost practices offer some kind of cleaning when patients come in for routine visits around tightening the brackets. They also have a pamphlet to send home with patients educating them on how to clean their teeth and braces every day. There are usually special tools and foods to stay away from in the pamphlet, which are pretty much standardized across the board. But, according to one Chicago orthodontics office, this isn't enough to have a very heavy impact on servicing clients. "Offer a maintenance program to patients, and give options for them to come in twice a month or once a week for a cleaning. The whole procedure can take about 20 minutes while adding a significant percentage to your bottom line." With regards to pricing, we're told that it will vary from market to market, but "packages can be offered for an upfront fee, of say $250 for 3 months worth of weekly cleanings." Most offices have assistants who are sitting around in between braces patients and cleanings can easily be scheduled between other longer appointments.

Selling Tools for DIY cleaning

selling merchandise to increase profitsThe pamphlets mentioned above are pretty standard. And they have some recommendations, but this doctor recommends setting up a "merchandise booth" or a small store for patients. They can of course buy the necessary products needed - rubber bands, tooth brushes. But what about offering some high-end tools, recipe books, even certain snack foods that are safe for people wearing braces? The sky is the limit for what products you can offer, "just get outside the box and think like a teenage girl or boy, what are they already spending money on and which of those products can be even remotely related to their braces?" Great thoughts.

Fillings and other dental needs

Offering fillings or other procedures for tooth decay and tooth loss is not that far of a stretch for an orthodontic office to offer. Think about bringing on a dentist one day a week for those patients who need such treatments. You've already got the x-ray equipment, chair, sanitation stations. Why not add another profit center to your business? "I'm not suggesting you start doing root canals or fixing broken bones, but fillings are routine and carry minimal risk and time investment, but can be a major profit center for any orthodontist." We're glad to have connected with Dr. Albareedi out of Chicago for this information. For questions, please contact us. Read More

TMJ and What Dentists Can Do

tmj disorderTMJ is an uncomfortable feeling of not being able to chew and sometimes talk without discomfort in the jaw. There is a lot of misunderstandings around the pain that is experienced by TMJ and many dentists are consulted due to the pain. But according to some, like the offerings of Dr. Frost, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder is not necessarily a dental issue since it has to do with "moving parts." And because of that, many people have sought the help of a chiropractor - seeing the the jaw pain can quickly move into neck pain.

Can Dentists Help with TMJ Disorder?

Many dentists consider themselves experts when it comes to all kinds of pain in the mouth. They may even attibute TMJ to chewing too much gum and make recommendations for eating mints instead then give patients exercises and stretches for the jaw. Other causes are accidents, grinding of teeth while sleeping, stress, overuse of the jaw in general. Everything here eludes to some basic relief practices held by most DDS offices and can ultimately help with getting rid of symptoms altogether. But others believe that TMJ might even be hereditary. In this case, it might even become a candidate for surgery to lessen the pain caused by the disorder. The Mayo clinic, however, does not mention the necessity for chiropractic work to help with symptoms.

Your Experiences

We are interested to hear if and how a chiropractor and or dentist was able to help you get over your TMJ disorder. And whether you're still struggling with the pain. Please inform our readers!  Read More

American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) 2015 Sessions

Last year's AAO sessions were full of high-value content and guest speakers and back by popular demand, they are serving up some of the masters again this year (not to mention the announcement of Huey Louis and the News for opening ceremonies) featuring Jonathan R. Martin, Robert W. Gallagher MS, DDS, Eric J. Ploumis DMD, JD, Roger Levin DDS,s Scott McDonald.

Reviews from AAO 2014

"Faculty and texts 'cut to the chase' - provided insight of what would be necessary knowledge to pass DOCK exam for recertification."  -Robert Strome, MD "I just passed the DOCK exam and the AAO review course was the basis of my studying. I am not sure how I could have passed without it, and it is one of the best services I have ever received as an AAO member."  -Michael A. Singer, MD Look for this dentist out of Oceanside, who may be putting on a workshop.

Preview for AAO 2015 in San Francisco

AAO American Association of Orthodontists 2015 speakersThe speakers who will be bringing you everything you expect from the excellence that the American Association of Orthodontists are going to bring value as practitioners and "no fluff" content that will help you build your practice to what you have in mind to do. Please take a minute to look through the speakers:  

Registration (Early Bird ends April 10)

REGISTER here and we'll see you there. Be looking for the Smile Experience network of educators along with our booth! -Smile Experience  Read More

Irvine Orthodontist, Simply Orthodontics | Dr. Shung

Getting braces doesn't have to be scary. If you have a good relationship with your doctor as well as the hopes that you're in the best hands, then you can sleep easily once you get your treatments. One such doctor from an Irvine orthodontist practice is Dr. Simon Shung. He has been doing orthodontics and dental work for many years while keeping up with the latest technologies. If there was ever a "progressive orthodontist," we've found one here. We would like to make this suggestion for our first of many orthodontists and dentists to whom we'll be making recommendations about. As a career dentist, Dr. Shung has been in the industry his entire working career and has literally helped thousands of patients over the course of a decade to improve their looks and confidence.

New Technologies and Orthodontics

One of the newer technologies used by Dr. Shung is the use of brackets that he color-matches to his patient's teeth. This makes the treatments virtually undetectable. What's more, is that they're hardly noticeable to the patient when the mouth is closed and the lips are covering the braces. This plays a large factor in making people comfortable in their own skin during the treatment period. What's more than that? Dr. Shung is able to provide individual consideration to patients who enjoy intimate office settings as well as accessibility to their doctor. Because of this level of service, he is able to expedite the time it takes in order for teeth to respond to the treatment. He and his office staff pride themselves on the ability to provide this service level to patients. As an added value to our readers, here is a video describing the new technologies used by Dr. Shung: In Irvine or surrounding area in Orange County? Then visit Simply Orthodontics! Their new office are will have you saying "wow" while you're getting the greatest experience in a dental chair imaginable.

Orthodontic History and Innovations for Teeth

The history of orthodontics and dental technology has been quite progressive as several players in the space are unlikely candidates to getting involved in the trade. There are a number of companies who have historically been invested in other markets like office space and other business applications, such as 3M. They have studied and contributed to the writing of the history of braces and orthodontics and been anthropologists, who are also keenly aware of the stigmas behind brackets that go on teeth. With their creativeness in the "sticky" post-it notes and other adhesives, they ventured into the world previously dominated by innovative orthodontists and come up with their own brand of creative orthodontic treatments, made from the materials discussed on this website, which are basically invisible from just a few feet away. These are some of the treatments used by doctors like Dr. Shung. Visit Dr. Shung at 6246 Irvine Blvd, Irvine, CA 92620 (949) 264-3314 soirvine.com And since you're already looking at ways to improve your smile, why not try out our TEETH WHITENING plan to the right, it's a great way for anyone to improve on their smile and well worth the money.Read More

Getting Your Smile Back

Welcome to Smile Experience! We're here for one reason only, to give you the resources you need to get your smile back! If you've been embarrassed because of the looks of your teeth and the thought of getting braces furthers your embarrassment, then we have some great news and recommendations for you. Your teeth say a lot about you, and the world around you notices your smile before anything else about you. Hold on to your hat because if you've given up on the hopes of fixing your teeth with braces or color-matched fillings, and you haven't done any research over the last 5 years, then you need to keep reading through this website. We've put together some of the most amazing breakthroughs and doctors who use them so you can reconsider getting your smile back ;)Read More