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TMJ and What Dentists Can Do

tmj disorderTMJ is an uncomfortable feeling of not being able to chew and sometimes talk without discomfort in the jaw. There is a lot of misunderstandings around the pain that is experienced by TMJ and many dentists are consulted due to the pain. But according to some, like the offerings of Dr. Frost, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder is not necessarily a dental issue since it has to do with "moving parts." And because of that, many people have sought the help of a chiropractor - seeing the the jaw pain can quickly move into neck pain.

Can Dentists Help with TMJ Disorder?

Many dentists consider themselves experts when it comes to all kinds of pain in the mouth. They may even attibute TMJ to chewing too much gum and make recommendations for eating mints instead then give patients exercises and stretches for the jaw. Other causes are accidents, grinding of teeth while sleeping, stress, overuse of the jaw in general. Everything here eludes to some basic relief practices held by most DDS offices and can ultimately help with getting rid of symptoms altogether. But others believe that TMJ might even be hereditary. In this case, it might even become a candidate for surgery to lessen the pain caused by the disorder. The Mayo clinic, however, does not mention the necessity for chiropractic work to help with symptoms.

Your Experiences

We are interested to hear if and how a chiropractor and or dentist was able to help you get over your TMJ disorder. And whether you're still struggling with the pain. Please inform our readers!  Read More