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Getting braces doesn’t have to be scary. If you have a good relationship with your doctor as well as the hopes that you’re in the best hands, then you can sleep easily once you get your treatments. One such doctor from an Irvine orthodontist practice is Dr. Simon Shung. He has been doing orthodontics and dental work for many years while keeping up with the latest technologies. If there was ever a “progressive orthodontist,” we’ve found one here.

We would like to make this suggestion for our first of many orthodontists and dentists to whom we’ll be making recommendations about. As a career dentist, Dr. Shung has been in the industry his entire working career and has literally helped thousands of patients over the course of a decade to improve their looks and confidence.

New Technologies and Orthodontics

One of the newer technologies used by Dr. Shung is the use of brackets that he color-matches to his patient’s teeth. This makes the treatments virtually undetectable. What’s more, is that they’re hardly noticeable to the patient when the mouth is closed and the lips are covering the braces. This plays a large factor in making people comfortable in their own skin during the treatment period. What’s more than that? Dr. Shung is able to provide individual consideration to patients who enjoy intimate office settings as well as accessibility to their doctor. Because of this level of service, he is able to expedite the time it takes in order for teeth to respond to the treatment. He and his office staff pride themselves on the ability to provide this service level to patients. As an added value to our readers, here is a video describing the new technologies used by Dr. Shung:

In Irvine or surrounding area in Orange County? Then visit Simply Orthodontics! Their new office are will have you saying “wow” while you’re getting the greatest experience in a dental chair imaginable.

Orthodontic History and Innovations for Teeth

The history of orthodontics and dental technology has been quite progressive as several players in the space are unlikely candidates to getting involved in the trade. There are a number of companies who have historically been invested in other markets like office space and other business applications, such as 3M. They have studied and contributed to the writing of the history of braces and orthodontics and been anthropologists, who are also keenly aware of the stigmas behind brackets that go on teeth. With their creativeness in the “sticky” post-it notes and other adhesives, they ventured into the world previously dominated by innovative orthodontists and come up with their own brand of creative orthodontic treatments, made from the materials discussed on this website, which are basically invisible from just a few feet away. These are some of the treatments used by doctors like Dr. Shung.

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