Lessons from a Startup Dentist in Dover / Randolph NJ

Starting a dental practice, as you all know, is one of the most exciting things a dentist can do, and can also be one of the most grueling. We caught up with Dr. Chu of Dover NJ, Smile with CH Dental and got some thoughts on her experience in purchasing an existing practice location but not book of business. Here are some pieces of advice that have helped her to be successful:

1) Location (Randolph & Dover border)Dr. Hu, Randolph NJ

While it’s important to spend enough money to make your office look and feel nice, some folks in our industry opt to spend less on an office space so they can use their savings to renovate or buy more square footage. This is nice, if you’re moving with a book of business and all you need to do is tell your patients where you moved to. But if you’re getting started, it’s very important to note that what you spend on location can help save on a lifetime of marketing. Focus on areas where there is a good deal of foot traffic, this would be around shopping centers or large stores. Or intersections near town monuments like schools or other important spots.

2) Advertising – Google

You might not know where to advertise when getting started and that’s ok. The key here is to figure out what kind of advertising will convert into a client. I personally prefer to get warm inbound calls or leads from people who are actively looking for a dentist. The only way I know how to do this is through internet marketing; Adwords (PPC) and / or SEO. SEO is getting your website to move up in Google so people can find it, as my marketing company says “in the heat of the search.”

3) Word of mouth

There’s no denying that people talk. You want to give them the best experience possible. Shoot for something unique like a video arcade in the front for the kids and maybe a coffee bar for the adults. This will make them comfortable during the waiting time, which is important because it gives them an overall positive mental lift instead of an irritation if they have to wait. Such an easy fix but such a difficult thing to get started. The point is, just do something in this direction and get it going, you’ll end up building on it.

About C & H Dental:

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