Top Chicago Orthodontist on How to Expand Services and Increase Profits

As an orthodontist, it’s difficult sometimes to decide which services you’ll provide aside from the obvious. Many practices find it necessary to supplement their income by offering other related services and even some legacy braces to folks who don’t have the budget for the latest clear braces technology. So what kinds of services can you offer to add an additional 10 per cent to 20 per cent to your bottom line?

Braces and Teeth Cleaning

top chicago orthodontist cleaning girls teethMost practices offer some kind of cleaning when patients come in for routine visits around tightening the brackets. They also have a pamphlet to send home with patients educating them on how to clean their teeth and braces every day. There are usually special tools and foods to stay away from in the pamphlet, which are pretty much standardized across the board. But, according to one Chicago orthodontics office, this isn’t enough to have a very heavy impact on servicing clients. “Offer a maintenance program to patients, and give options for them to come in twice a month or once a week for a cleaning. The whole procedure can take about 20 minutes while adding a significant percentage to your bottom line.” With regards to pricing, we’re told that it will vary from market to market, but “packages can be offered for an upfront fee, of say $250 for 3 months worth of weekly cleanings.”

Most offices have assistants who are sitting around in between braces patients and cleanings can easily be scheduled between other longer appointments.

Selling Tools for DIY cleaning

selling merchandise to increase profitsThe pamphlets mentioned above are pretty standard. And they have some recommendations, but this doctor recommends setting up a “merchandise booth” or a small store for patients. They can of course buy the necessary products needed – rubber bands, tooth brushes. But what about offering some high-end tools, recipe books, even certain snack foods that are safe for people wearing braces? The sky is the limit for what products you can offer, “just get outside the box and think like a teenage girl or boy, what are they already spending money on and which of those products can be even remotely related to their braces?” Great thoughts.

Fillings and other dental needs

Offering fillings or other procedures for tooth decay and tooth loss is not that far of a stretch for an orthodontic office to offer. Think about bringing on a dentist one day a week for those patients who need such treatments. You’ve already got the x-ray equipment, chair, sanitation stations. Why not add another profit center to your business? “I’m not suggesting you start doing root canals or fixing broken bones, but fillings are routine and carry minimal risk and time investment, but can be a major profit center for any orthodontist.”

We’re glad to have connected with Dr. Albareedi out of Chicago for this information. For questions, please contact us.


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